We believe no business is too small for quality legal protection.

You risk everything you have to start a business. Don't risk losing your brand name by skipping the trademark process. Helping you clear your brand name legally—and protect it for the future—is why we started Haloo.

Our mission

Be steadfast partners in small-business success and break the barriers that prevent people from participating in the economy.


We develop our products, hire our employees and serve our users with the understanding that society has not given equal access to everyone, and that change is an active choice we must make every day.


Some businesses have been kept from important processes, services and protections due to prohibitive costs, obscure systems, and social issues like structural racism and classism. Our work is to create affordable, accessible resources for all.


For us, operating with knowledge means using what we know to create simple, effective, thoughtful and deeply logical business tools that level the playing field for all entrepreneurs.

We're committed to building accessible tools for everyone

Accessibility is important for all users, not just those with different cognitive, sensory and physical abilities. For us, this starts with making our website as accessible as possible, but we don't want to stop there: we want to create new and better ways to bring helpful tools and content to everyone.

We'd love your feedback. If you run into issues on this website, or notice anything that doesn't meet accessibility standards, please reach out and let us know.