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How to Protect Your Brand

Decide What to Trademark

Will it be a name, logo, tagline, or all of the above?

Run a Pre-check

Do a pre-check search to see if your trademark is available, or if it conflicts with an existing trademark.

Create Application

Choose products and services you will offer under your trademark.

Click to Submit

Pay government fees and file yourself or we will for you. Sign up for infringement alerts (optional).

Launch Your Brand

Start using your trademark immediately with the ™ mark. If you want to sell on Amazon, apply to their Brand Registry. Once registered use the ® mark.


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Our Partners

Dwayne Washington

"When the opportunity arose for us to do a cross-promotion with Nike, we were thrilled! We used Haloo to get our brand names and logos registered quickly so that we could build a great partnership while feeling protected."

Dwayne Washington

CEO/Founder Nike Uplay Canada

Harry Govind

"We used Haloo to register our trademarks to meet retailer requirements and access Amazon’s Brand Registry. The process was simple and now, we have opened up new channels to accelerate our growth."

Harry Govind


Ann Poochareon

"Before we spent $150K on branding and product development, we wanted to ensure our trademarks were registered. Haloo made the process easy and now we have total peace of mind knowing we’re fully protected."

Ann Poochareon

Co-Founder Little Robot Friends