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Secure a pathway to franchising and future expansion

Stop competitors from using your name or logo

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of brands experienced infringment in 2019


average cost of trademark-infringement litigation


of businesses were forced to rebrand

“For the first time, an instant trademark search tool can match or even outperform expensive legal clearances conducted by expert trademark search analysts. This manual work and expert analysis can take hours and is prone to human error.”

Jack Severt

former trademark search analyst for L’Oreal and Disney at Clarivate

Our AI makes it simple.

1. Intuitive and accurate

Writing a trademark application can be difficult to do on your own. Even something as simple as a misplaced comma can cause applications to fail. With our foolproof Application Builder, you get access to perfectly-written language that guarantees compliance, which means you get to skip the line and have your application processed faster with USPTO.


The Great Big Bean is a coffee bean of the Maragogype variety. Our Maragogype beans are sourced from various regions and countries around the world through our coffee wholesaler and will continue to be sold under the trademark name of The Great Big Bean.

This self-filed application would be rejected for not using compliant language.


21 — Coffee, flavoured coffee, coffee extracts, coffee-based beverages, coffee-based beverage mixes in powder form, coffee-based beverage mixes in liquid concentrate form; iced coffee; coffee substitutes; extracts of coffee substitutes;

This application using Haloo’s Application Builder would be approved.

2. Weeds out false positives

Other internet search tools, like Google or the USPTO database, only look to see if your exact name is in use, which can lead to false positives. Haloo’s smart search dives deep into alternative spellings, translation issues, and semantic and phonetic alternatives, giving you the most accurate instant-search tool on the internet.

Your search for “Nirke” found:

0 results

The USPTO website trademarks database falsely suggests the name Nirke is available to trademark.

Nirke is at high risk of conflict

Your trademark is unlikely to succeed due to conflicts with other existing trademarks

Haloo shows the full context of a search for Nirke, which has obvious conflicts.

Get more accurate and faster results at a fraction of the cost

With an attorney

  • $2,000+ per search

  • Takes 1–2 weeks

  • 1 of 5 applications fail

  • Manual process prone to human error

With Haloo

  • $149; additional searches only $99

  • Takes under a minute

  • USPTO-compliance guarantee

  • Advanced AI self-serve platform

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